Q: What is this an XM Anomaly event?

A: An XM Anomaly event is a series of free Ingress events that you play as a team with other local and visiting players against the other faction. These events are for Ingress players of all levels and last approximately 5 – 6 hours including 3-4 hours of walking/biking gameplay and may have a social meetup at the end. In addition, your faction may plan pre and post Anomaly faction-only events. If you’d like to get in contact with your faction in advance to see how you can help contribute, please contact your local faction representative listed here to coordinate further on or off site activities after you register to attend with Niantic.

Q: I wish to attend the anomaly. What do I need to do?

A: First of all, you should register on Niantic’s official event page. You can either register as “free check in” or with a purchase of a kit. Next, you should register at our Resistance registration, where we will be reviewing all our agent’s application and organize into teams and such. What’s next? Plan your trip to Petaling Jaya 😉 You can see our guide for accommodation recommendation and tips.

Q: I’m not able to attend the anomaly on-site, but I want to help.

A: Well, there still are a couple of way to help. You could register on our Resistance registration for off-site help. We will review your application and see if we can find a role for you. You could also get in contact with your area representative to help in ops, recharging, farming gears and such. We also accept donations as well 🙂

Q: I’ve submitted my application with Resistance registration. But I’m still not approved or haven’t been contacted.

A: It may take some time for the reviewers to go through all the applications as it requires proper vetting and verification. If it’s been a couple of days, you could try reaching us: [email protected]. Or if you have been approved, but not contacted yet, please reach us.

Q: I wish to buy swags from your store, but I’m PayPal gives me “Sorry, we can’t complete your purchase at this time” error 🙁

A: If your PayPal account is based in Singapore, we are aware of this issue. Please reach us at [email protected].

Q: I’ve made a mistaken in my order. Can I modify the order?

A: We are not able to make any changes to the order once it is paid. However, you could make another order to add the missing items and we can still ship them together (please leave a note if so). If that still does not solve the issue or if you ordered the wrong item. You could make another order with the right item and we could provide a refund in this case. Please reach us at [email protected] to rectify the situation.

Q: I’ve got a question not covered by this FAQ.

A: Just drop us an email ([email protected]) 🙂